Delivery drones for untreatable fatal viruses and whatnot…

It takes five months and more than five million steps to walk the Appalachian Trail from end to end. Along the way, you may encounter bears, wolves and snakes; mosquitoes and ticks – delivery drones for untreatable fatal viruses and whatnot. Bill Bryson, in A Walk in the Woods, spends four full pages walking you…

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How to have an original idea

You need original ideas to get the attention and interest of the clients you’re looking to attract. Here, as in every area of life worth mastering, sadly, 90% of people go chasing shadows down rabbit holes. It’s the patient, thoughtful 10% who work at it, deliberately, and eventually get it right. I have a distinct,…

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How To Start A Follow-Up Sales Conversation

    Contrary to what some like to teach, you’re not going to close every sale in your first conversation. Sales is leadership. Not beating someone into submission. And so it’s inevitable that you’ll be having follow-up conversations with potential clients. But your follow-up conversation has to be handled with aplomb. You never want to…

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panic into magic blog title

How to turn Brexit panic into personal magic

June 27, 2016 It is Monday following the UK’s vote for “Brexit” – to exit the EU. The pound has fallen, close to 10%. The politicians are in shock. And the media are predicting and promoting worry and fear. What’s the Reality? The Reality is: — As always, there is uncertainty. — And as always there…

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Lazy Boy, cropped

Is laziness, after all, the secret to true success?

That was the title of a thread someone started on a forum I belong to. He pointed out that “laziness, combined with intelligent thought, is the secret to success.” So why, he asked, don’t more people take the “lazy” approach of more thinking and less doing? The approach he outlined did make sense. EXCEPT for…

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Case study: Patrick Stroth, Plenty of Clients and the Insurance Industry

If Patrick Stroth could do this in the insurance business… you could do it in yours. What did he do? He learned how to stand out. And he’s been enjoying double-digit growth as a result. Listen to my conversation with Patrick: right-click here to download Insurance is one of those undesirable items. I take a…

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The “Run uphill into gunfire and dive naked into icy waters” client attraction method

So as you may have figured out, the ‘strange’ boy I wrote you about the other day was the great Theodore Roosevelt.  And the quote is from his exceptional biographer, Edmond Morris, in “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt.” One of TR’s greatest strengths was that he really didn’t care what anyone else thought about him.…

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Were you a bit ‘different’ as a kid? Profit from it.

Were you a bit ‘different’ as a kid? I was. And it’s been an advantage in business, once I finally learned how to package and sell my smarts. Maybe you had a certain extra maturity with some things. Or an unusual hobby or obsession. Maybe you were extra perceptive or sensitive to some things, even…

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Bet you never see this athlete on TV… (roll eyes)

Bet you never read about THIS Olympic athlete.  He gets up early and quickly gets busy. First he works on his website, because one day people will be reading about him. Then he spends time building his Facebook fan page. He goes to networking meetings with other wannabes where they each talk about all the…

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The shortest path to new clients.

Yesterday, on a Q&A call for my private coaching clients, one member, “Frank,” mentioned that he’d finally began using an email marketing system. “That’s great,” I said. “But is that the critical 10% for you at this time?” In the world of the Alchemist Entrepreneur, we strike at the roots where everyone is hacking at…

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